Thursday, May 24, 2012


NOTE: It's August, 2018 and this post is still current!

Because Art May Come to Life In Your Sleep

It's true.  It maybe could possibly happen.  I'll say no more.  I'm accepting new commissions again.  Choose wisely.

For a basic head shot or full figure shot of your favorite character these are the prices:

$50 for a head and shoulders shot.
$95 for a single full figure.

There will be a shipping charge of $15 domestic USA and $35 international (per order not per piece.)


If you have a special request the price will be on a case by case basis.  I will have judge the amount of work that will go in to producing the piece and quote you a price.  These include, figures with backgrounds, recreations of covers, Cover like drawings, and characters in scenes.  Believe it or not the simple request of adding a background can make a drawing take two, three, or ten times longer than just a figure.  So a simple partial background might be around $150 while a more complete background more like $300.  Scenes and cover-like images would be more.  Basic rule if it takes me as long to do and is as high quality as a cover that I would do for Marvel or Dark Horse then I'm going to charge you like that.  Probably in the $500-$650 range. The best thing to do here is to contact me with your specific request and we'll work it out.

Also several of you want me to draw on sketch covers.  I can do that but you have to send me the sketch covers.  I don't own any.  The price is the same as if I was drawing on my own bristol and you're responsible for whatever special packaging you want it shipped in as I will reuse it to send back to you.

I think that's it.

Anyone interested email me at- 

-for additional info and payment details.

Happy Days Are Here Again!

David Lapham

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